Google Meet Consultation

$250.00 - $900.00
Google Meet Consultation

Ask me anything related to e-commerce, clothing brands, wholesale, or business!

The allotted time will be used for whatever topics you would like to cover, such as:
- Learning how to scale your brand to 6+ figures in retail and wholesale (I've done both!)
- Learning best practices for designing, manufacturing, social media marketing, workflows, and more!
- Learning how to navigate Shopify

The above topics are just suggestions--you are free to ask about other topics as well! I would recommend preparing a list of topics and/or questions beforehand.

Do not purchase a consultation if you do not want honest feedback or are not interested in making money.

**After checkout, please email [email protected] with your order number and 3 dates and times that work best for you (in order of preference). I will email you back with the date/time and a Google Meet Link/ID.**